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Americans annually invest a staggering $53 million in holiday decor, creating a bustling market with untapped innovation potential. While holiday styles exhibit enduring qualities, the underlying technology driving these decorations is in a constant state of evolution. The demand for longevity, safety, and a pronounced “wow” factor drives this evolution, with advancements ranging from durable, weather-resistant materials to cutting-edge technologies like smart lighting systems and augmented reality features. Balancing tradition and innovation is key, as consumers seek products that seamlessly blend timeless charm with the latest technological advancements. In this dynamic landscape, the holiday decor industry not only preserves cultural and familial customs but also serves as a canvas for ongoing design and technological progress, creating opportunities for those who can artfully merge tradition with the forward march of innovation.

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Patents in Holiday Decor

In the realm of holiday decorations, largely manufactured in China, the tradition of filing patents to protect intellectual property has not been a focal point. However, for individual inventors pioneering unique products, securing patents proves pivotal. As the industry evolves with technological advancements and distinctive design elements, patents not only act as legal safeguards against imitations but also signify the inventive prowess of creators. Notably, a significant shift is observed as a majority of these patents are now owned by individuals or small companies, showcasing a democratization of innovation. This trend empowers smaller players to protect their intellectual property, fostering an environment where diverse contributions thrive and continually propel the holiday decor market forward.

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Top Classifications for Holiday Decor

F21S4 10 – with light sources attached to loose electric cables, e.g. Christmas tree lights  **
F21W2121 00 – Use or application of lighting devices or systems for decorative purposes 122
Y10S362 806 – Ornamental or decorative 102
F21Y2115 10 – Light-emitting diodes [LED] 81
F21W2121 04 – for Christmas trees 53
H05B37 029 – a plurality of lamps following a preassigned sequence, e.g. theater lights, diapositive projector 45

Upon broadening the investigation to encompass all patents associated with the aforementioned CPC codes, a more extensive repository of intellectual property emerges, predominantly held by renowned entities such as Philips, Osram, LG, Cree Inc., and Koito Manufacturing (JP). Notably, Philips stands out as a household name in the United States, particularly in the realm of holiday lights. A cursory exploration of Target’s website underscores Philips’ prominence, with over 206 holiday decor products listed under their brand. This prevalence in the market not only reflects Philips’ established presence but also underscores the strategic importance of intellectual property in shaping the landscape of holiday decorations. As these industry giants continue to innovate and secure patents, their influence in defining trends and driving advancements within the holiday decor sector remains indisputable.

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Chestnuts Roasting Near…An Open Flame

Safety is a fairly important measure when it comes to holiday decor; on average, 950 yearly home fires result from trees and decorations catching fire during the holiday season, resulting in property damage, injury, or even worse. In other circumstances, lights and other electrical devices can cause injury. Since many keep decorations on through the night and when away from home, it is important to make sure decorations are in keeping with the most up-to-date safety technology. For example, this tree is grounded for added safety for pets, children, or unsuspecting tree-water refillers.

Modern and Safe Menorah

The pursuit of safety and efficiency extends beyond the classic Christmas decor, as evidenced by a notable inventor who has patented a Menorah designed for the modern era. This innovative Menorah not only caters to the traditional significance of the Hanukkah celebration but also introduces enhanced practical features. The patented design addresses efficiency by offering a more streamlined process for filling with oil, simplifying the ritualistic aspects of the Menorah ceremony. Moreover, the inventor has prioritized safety, introducing measures to reduce the likelihood of the Menorah toppling over, ensuring a secure and worry-free experience for those partaking in the celebration. This exemplifies a contemporary approach to holiday traditions, where inventive solutions enhance both the symbolic and functional aspects of cherished customs.

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Buy it for Christmas and Save for Years to Come

Traditional decoration and lighting brands tout their product’s longevity as people tire of dishing out cash for the same items year after year when they break. One company is trying to break our use of outdated plug-in light strands and replace them with a fully customizable, battery-powered tree that should save you time and money on powering lights.

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Modular options for artificial trees take the hassle out of setup and allow a customer to have control and even replace individual lights. The average Christmas tree will set a customer back $50 or more per year, while also cashing out for new lights and ornaments to replace worn sets or those pesky single bulbs that go out. Save some time next year by implementing a permanent, yet hideable, LED light display.

Deck the Halls with Displays that Dazzle

Since the holidays are all about sparkle, classic holiday decor is taken into the modern era with solar-powered fixtures, 3-D images, and year-round installations. Who needs real candles when you can produce a three-dimensional holographic flame? Fake flickering candles are going to be a thing of the past.

In the future, instead of wasting hours each year putting up the same decorations, custom projections and light shows will become the new holiday standard. Of course, cars have been seen to zip around with reindeer antlers, Christmas trees, and anything fixable to your car. Ever wanted to vertically mount a Menorah or a Christmas Tree to your roof? Recently published US20180134227A1 has you covered.

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Source: ktMINE IP Platform

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