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The latest ktMINE Innovation makes sharing information easier between internal teams such as attorneys and law librarians. We understand that attorneys want access to information and analytics, but don’t have time to efficiently learn new tools relying on their librarians for research support. The following User Story explores how these two users interact with and leverage ktMINE technology.


The attorney sends a request to the librarian staff and has a tight deadline of a few hours. The librarian staff sees the request and identifies ktMINE as the preferred data source, as it covers IP transactions from agreements to patent assignments and details around all things IP. To prepare for an upcoming meeting, an IP Attorney wants a complete view of a current client’s transactions strategy. The attorney needs to see which other firms work with the client, the companies the client transacts with, and any additional information related to their transactions. Ideally, the attorney would like to access the firm’s internal client management system to review and analyze relevant data.


The librarian quickly logs into the ktMINE database, looks up the client’s full corporate tree, and saves the client profile in their account. The Librarian then leverages the ktMINE Analytics Widget and creates specialized visualizations for the attorney. In under an hour, the librarian generated visualizations and uploaded them to the firm’s client management system for the attorney to review.

The librarian shares the client profile with the attorney and that the analytics are automatically updated going forward. 


With access to these analytics, the attorney can drive the meeting and highlight critical insights within the client’s transaction strategy. Additionally, the attorney now provides up-to-date analytics in real-time from the internal system. 

The ktMINE Analytics Widget enables attorneys to access live data without leaving familiar systems and enables the librarian staff to share information with attorneys simply and efficiently, while also taking off the burden of constantly re-updating the information. 

Our team strives to meet you at the end goal instead of the current challenge. Contact us to learn more about our ktMINE Analytics Widget or any of our other data delivery offerings.

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