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Finding comparables with royalty rates has never been easier. ktMINE eliminates the need to rely on rules of thumb or broad industry survey information.

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Royalty Rates
Unmatched Search Control

Nobody understands your project and research needs better than you. Armed with precise search filters and our powerful technology, ktMINE puts you in control of your analysis. From keyword to industry, territory and beyond, finding comparables has never been easier. ktMINE significantly reduces research time, maximizes your analysis power, and supports your conclusions with market-based evidence.

Defensible and Compliant Analyses

Global regulations are changing. Conducting analyses with ktMINE Royalty Rates gives you the confidence that your analyses are accurate, up-to-date and compliant. With access to over 60,000 royalty rates across territories and agreement type you can rest assured that you are leaving no stone unturned. Finding comparables with market-based evidence has never been easier.

Easy Documentation

Not only has ktMINE identified over 115,000 agreements and sifted through each to find agreements with disclosed rates, users have access to the full-text of each document. After quickly locating comparables, export easily digestible summaries of each agreement. Rest assured you have the appropriate support for a thorough analysis.

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Royalty Rates

Customer Success

Nobody expects you to be a search expert overnight. That’s why customers are enrolled in our comprehensive customer success route. From training to project assistance, the ktMINE team is dedicated to helping you get the most of your subscription.


To kick off your subscription you will be introduced to your Customer Success Specialist, who is your dedicated resource for
all things ktMINE.


Our support staff is ready and waiting to provide search assistance and make sure you are finding the best results for your project.


We’ll stay in contact to make sure you are always getting the most out of ktMINE, let you know what new features are coming, and help you with difficult projects.

How It Works



With a repository of over 60,000 disclosed royalty rates and powerful search filters, search the most extensive database of unredacted royalty rates.

  • Search by full text, summary fields, effective date, territory, industry, exclusivity and more
  • Access analyst reviewed summaries
  • Utilize Boolean operators for simple or sophisticated searches


Review Results

Quickly scan results by reviewing summaries and key royalty information.

  • Narrow results by exclusivity, agreement type, industry and more
  • Instantly exclude related parties
  • Dig deeper and evaluate transaction details with full-text documents




Take the guesswork out of analyzing royalty rates. With total control over your own analysis, you can export full-text documents, save relevant agreements to a set, and save searches for later review. Our robust search technology helps make the most of your time by allowing you to quickly identify and evaluate agreements. Big picture context and trends for your entire set of royalty rates are illustrated in Analysis Center.


Where do you get your data?

Through a proprietary process, ktMINE gathers innovation and intangible asset data from publicly available sources such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, USPTO, hundreds of news sources, as well as Freedom of Information Act requests. Our mission is to find, analyze, and add any public document with viable innovation and intangible asset information into our database while making the search and review process for this information fast and accurate.

Are license agreements the only transactions you have?

No, we have various other forms of transactions such as: Supply, Distribution, Sales Agent, Contract Manufacturing, R&D Services, License of Intangibles, Financial Services, Administrative Services, Toll Manufacturing, Commission Agent and more.

Does your database have redacted agreements?

Our Agreements database has a full repository of agreements including those with non-variable payments and redacted information.

Do you have international data?

A recent poll of our database showed over 80% of the data is exploited outside the U.S.

How is ktMINE adapting to the post BEPS landscape?

Fortunately, ktMINE was originally built to comply and has been anticipating a change like this for a few years. We have stayed ahead of the curve by allowing you access to both summaries, full text, and redacted agreements in order to appease the new call to validate your intercompany transactions.

How do I access the database?

ktMINE offers flexible access options. Contact a representative to learn the best option for you.

Is there a proper order to the operators search logic?

It is best to use your operators in the following order: OR’s at the top, AND’s in the middle, and AND NOT’s at the end.

What is the difference between the Search application and the Royalty Rates application?

The Search application is best used for basic searching to get a broad overview of an industry, company, or technology. The Royalty Rates application is best used when looking to do advanced searching for a Royalty analysis.

What are my access options?

ktMINE offers flexible access options. Contact us for pricing and package options.