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Transfer Pricing/BEPS Essentials: The Next Generation of Royalty Search

By January 11, 2017August 8th, 2023No Comments
royalty rate search

Running into dead ends with your royalty rate search? You’re not alone. Over the years, we’ve heard this from analysts and researchers alike. The issue? Many are solely relying on the text of the agreements to find their royalty information. They are not leveraging data included in patent license agreements.

This is not surprising when most analysts and researchers receive a limited amount of information with which to start their search. Armed with only technology or patent, they are tasked with locating comparable royalties. Using the traditional method, most would start with a basic search using agreement fields, such as keyword, industry or agreement type. Once it is determined that the technology can be benchmarked, rates are captured, documented and used in royalty rate calculations.

A New Way to Find Royalty Rates

While this traditional approach is useful and has served transfer pricing professionals for years, it has its pitfalls. For example, are you sure you’re capturing all of the potential royalty information available in the public domain? The answer is probably, “no”.

Patent / Assignment Database

Over the years, with insights from countless clients, major tax authorities and trusted industry partners, ktMINE has worked to usher in a new generation of royalty rate search. All with the goal of expanding the data available to our users. That’s why, in addition to offering a royalty rate database, our latest release is the ktMINE Patents Application, our patent/assignment database.

Interconnected Data

“What does patent information have to do with royalty rates?”, you may be asking yourself. The answer: so much more than simple patent analysis! Instead of starting with agreements, this revolutionary tool allows the user to search for the patents/technologies outright. Through the power of our interconnected data, our users are subsequently given direct access to agreements involving the original technology.

Connecting Patents to Royalty Rates

For the first time, users are able to cut through the clutter and search by patent fields, such as patent text and patent classifications, to locate agreements and royalty information.

Go beyond what the competition is looking at

The real power of this change in process lies in the newfound ability to view beyond what the competition is looking at, thereby giving access to data that is generally missed when using the traditional approach.

Save time and get a competitive edge

The Patents Application then goes a step further by providing analytics on the agreements that either use that particular patent or similar technologies. This direct route not only saves time when looking for patented license agreements, but also gives a substantial competitive edge over the rest of the market.










Use the form below to set up a demo and see for yourself how the ktMINE Patents Application is revolutionizing the royalty search process.





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