Patents & Assignments

Our unique technology enables us to aggregate a rich repository of publicly available patent publications and assignments worldwide. ktMINE customers have instant access to over 114 million patents & assignments, including patent images!

With our patent / assignment databases and intuitive search functionality, find the most relevant patent information in record time. Not to mention, we’ve streamlined the search process by eliminating unnecessary and confusing syntax-driven querying steps.

The greatest insights come from our linked data sets, allowing for added and immediate discovery within our data. Better determine the value of a given technology by instantly connecting royalty rates to patent families.

Common Uses

Transfer Pricing & BEPS

  • Understanding where intangibles are moving from one country to another
  • Tracking the movement of manufacturing intangibles for tax purposes
  • Identifying trends in movement of intangibles for industries and companies

IP Strategy & Valuation

  • Identifying potential licensing partners
  • Developing an IP transaction and patent strategy
  • Building a lucrative licensing program
  • Gathering documentation for intellectual property infringement cases
  • Uncovering new applications for existing technologies
  • Predicting emerging trends or patterns before the competition

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