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A major challenge in the world of agreements and transactions data is the difficulty in identifying sources of information outside of the United States. Most platforms only offer US-centric data which can lead to additional complexities when needing to analyze information outside of that jurisdiction.

Fortunately, ktMINE’s dedicated to identifying alternative sources of agreements and transactions data to help bolster efforts for a truly global world of data. The most recent source to emerge comes from a much-needed location in China. The agreements and transactions have been sourced, analyzed, and uploaded into the ktMINE platform for easy accessibility and review by users. Gone are the days of being unable to identify comparable data from one of the world’s largest markets.

We welcome users to reach out for more information regarding this gem of a resource uncovered by the analysts at ktMINE. With additional sources being identified by our hardworking team we hope to continue these announcements for powerful new sources of data.

Here at ktMINE, we won’t rest until the world’s data is under one roof!

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