ktmine product updates connections

Product Updates: Connections

This new product feature adds intellectual property (IP) connections to the Profiles Application. With our data linking technology, we have made connections between companies and IP information that reveal insights into valuable corporate relationships. What would typically take hundreds of hours of research, users can now quickly find a list of companies and IP details that are related to a target company. The feature was rolled out on August 2, 2017.

 Profiles Application

New Feature: Connections Tab

The Connections tab in the Profiles Application lists the connected companies by the total number of related IP assets. The chart breaks down the count by asset type:

  • Agreement Licensor
  • Agreement Licensee
  • M&A Deal Acquiror
  • M&A Deal Target
  • Patent Assignee
  • Patent Assignee
  • Patent Court Case Plaintiff
  • Patent Court Case Defendant
  • Trademark Assignee
  • Trademark Assignor
  • IP News Article

The list is easily sorted by the lowest or highest total amount of connections or by asset type. The chart is available to export to excel by total results or by asset type.

Connection Details

Select a connected company’s name to see the Connection Details. Details are by asset type and display high-level information about those assets. Full profiles of Agreements, Patent Assignments, Patent Court Cases are linked.

If you have product feedback or would like to suggest a new feature, contact us to let us know.

About the author: ktMINE
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