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The days of tirelessly capturing and compiling information from multiple databases and spreadsheets are gone. Strengthen your intellectual property (IP) intelligence with on-demand reports on any company’s IP portfolio. ktMINE Profiles significantly reduces research time, maximizes your analysis power, and strengthens business decisions. When IP questions arise around a company, ktMINE Profiles is your ultimate resource.

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Instant Aggregated IP Information

IP holdings and activity are vital factors for a company’s strategy but can take hundreds of hours to compile and connect. With ktMINE Profiles, instantly view a company’s IP portfolio as it is seen in the public domain. In 3 clicks or less, you are able to build the profile for a full corporate tree including subsidiaries, holding companies, and company name variations.

Dynamic Snapshots

By providing a snapshot of any company’s recent IP activity and IP holdings, the ktMINE Profile’s dashboard gives you immediate access to critical business intelligence. Like a ticker, Recent Activity provides a timeline of the company’s IP movements. The Total Portfolio chart provides a quick glimpse into the areas of IP holdings which can be explored further.

Flexible & Refined Research

Delve into a company’s IP profile whenever you need, refining your search by industry, patent, classification, or any aspect of IP you may find relevant. View an inventory list of assets including agreements, patents, patent assignments, trademarks, trademark assignments, and M&A deals. Refine through responsive filters and expand by reviewing analyst curated summaries and the full-text documents. Once you’re satisfied with the results, instantly export data so you have the information on hand.

Strengthening IP Intelligence

A company’s IP strategy, holdings, and transactions are constantly changing. Set Alerts to stay up-to-date on breaking news and IP changes of a company without actively logging in. With increased transparency of IP intelligence for companies, make stronger business decisions.

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Customer Success

Nobody expects you to be a search expert over night. That’s why customers are enrolled in our comprehensive customer success route. From training to project assistance, the ktMINE team is dedicated to helping you get the most of your subscription.


To kick off your subscription you will be introduced to your Customer Success Specialist, who is your dedicated resource for
all things ktMINE.


Our support staff is ready and waiting to provide search assistance and make sure you are finding the best results for your project.


We’ll stay in contact to make sure you are always getting the most out of ktMINE, let you know what new features are coming, and help you with difficult projects.

How It Works



With the industry’s largest repository of IP data and connections, view the IP portfolio for any company.

  • In 3 clicks or less, build a profile for a full corporate tree
  • Set alerts to be the first to know when something changes
  • Instantly access previous searches through history or saved searches


Review Results

Quickly scan results by viewing the dashboard before digging deeper into the data.

  • Combine company profiles for a more holistic view
  • View a company’s current IP portfolio
  • Narrow results with one-click filters based upon IP type




Analyze data using the method that is most convenient to you. View an easy to digest dashboard of important analytics or dig deeper into individual IP types. Add more companies to your profile or easily save your search for later review. Big picture context and trends for a company’s IP Portfolio, including license agreements, patents, patent assignments, trademarks, trademark assignments, and M&A deals can be found in Analytics.


Where do you get your data?

Through a proprietary process, ktMINE gathers innovation and intangible asset data from publicly available sources such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, USPTO, hundreds of news sources, as well as Freedom of Information Act requests. Our mission is to find, analyze, and add any public document with viable innovation and intangible asset information into our database while making the search and review process for this information fast and accurate.

How long do I receive alerts?

You will receive alerts for 90 days following your Search purchase for any of your saved search alerts. These alerts will be delivered direct to your email.

What if I need a custom set of data?

In the case that you want a specific set of data that meets your preferences, we offer Custom Solutions that offer the ability to have our data delivered to you in the format that works best for your needs.

What are my access options?

Access is annual subscription based. ktMINE also offers customized application packages for customers from full firms to individuals. Contact us for pricing and package options.