Based on user feedback, our in-house technology department has implemented several new trademark focused features within the platform. These new features include:

In addition to these new features, you will notice several aesthetic updates to the platform. Our UX team has been hard at work designing a streamlined and intuitive experience for our users.

Licensed Trademarks

Using our proprietary technology, we’ve connected US trademark data with full-text agreements to create a new Licensed Trademark dataset. Users can now view contractual terms, royalty rates, and other actionable insights through trademark searching. Any agreement that includes a trademarks is now linked to that trademark, and navigable within Agreement Profiles. This allows users to quickly assess the value of trademarks, perform research on common agreement clauses used in the industry, and to understand who has licensed which trademarks.


Licensing information is also made available directly within Trademark Profiles, and including any royalties associated with the agreement.


Trademark Filters

With the addition of expanded trademark information, additional filters have been added to the Search and Profiles Apps to reflect this update.


International classifications, correspondent and primary classifications are now available within the Advanced Search function. Users are now able to narrow and group values in both the Licensing and Trademark tabs.


Improved Trademark Profile View

To further our vision of creating a single IP platform, we have added all relevant trademark data from the USPTO. The addition of this data allows our users to further reduce the time spent researching critical information.

  • New trademark sections include:
  • Goods and Services
  • Foreign Information
  • Mark Information
  • Related Parties Information
  • Basis Information
  • Attorney/Correspondence Information
  • Prosecution History
  • International Information
  • Maintenance Filings or Post Registration Information
  • TM Staff and File Location

Should users want to view the original document on the USPTO, a link to the corresponding USPTO webpage is available within each profile.


We thank everyone who has provided feedback and assistance with the our current updates. If you have any feedback or requests for new features, we want to hear them! Contact us and let us know how we can help make your research experience as quick and easy as possible.

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