If you are in the market for food ideas to impress the crowd, let us help. Since a patent must be “novel” and not “obvious,” a patent recipe is promising for those in search of a creative dish. However, due to the structured nature of a recipe, it is difficult to make novel alterations that are not obvious. Therefore, the issue lies in the availability of recipe patents. Have no fears, you’ll be able to find many in the ktMINE Patent Search App. From the ktMINE database are the following worldwide recipes as prospective additions to your next dinner party. 


Hulled Barley Nurungji

Source: Image from ktMINE Patent Search App

First up is KR101953251B1, a patented method for cooking a dish called “Hulled barley nurungji.” Nurungji, or scorched rice, is a traditional Korean food. Nurungji is the intentional browning of the rice that sticks to the bottom of the pan when it is slightly overcooked. The directions ‘to make the crispy crust with the hulled barley’ that is ‘easy to digest’ is as follows:

  1. Moisten and peel the outer shell of the hulled barley
  2. steam hulled barley 3 to 10 times, dry
  3. Immerse 100 parts by weight of the dried (or steamed) hulled barley in 250-280 parts by weight of water for 12 hours
  4. Add 120-130 parts by weight of water to 100 parts by weight of soaked hulled barley 
  5. Cook the barley, then let stand for an hour
  6. Wash and immerse 100 parts by weight of half-husked rice in 150 parts by weight of water for two hours
  7. Add 100-120 parts by weight of water to 100 parts by weight of the soaked half-husked rice
  8. Cook half-husked rice
  9. Completely cooked, mix hulled barley with half-husked rice while hot
  10. Put mixture into a crispy rice crust-making machine
  11. Divide the crispy hulled barley crust as you please


Breaded Asparagus  

Source: Image from ktMINE Patent Search App

For authentic French cuisine, look no further than patent FR2774865B1 owned and applied for by Michel Troisgros. The Troisgros family is well-known and legendary in French culinary circles due to the continued success of their family restaurant. Located in Ouches, France, the restaurant was started by Michel’s grandparents, and is currently named ‘Le Bois sans Feuilles’ (translated as “The wood without leaves”). Michel Troisgros’ recipe for an asparagus dish is prepared as follows:

  1. Peel then boil asparagus in saltwater
  2. Cool with ice water, drain
  3. Flatten and place sweet dough on the baking sheet 
  4. Bake dough at 180 °C (356 °F) for 10 minutes
  5. Let the bread cool, crumble it with your fingers into a powder
  6. Cut raw ham into small dice
  7. Cut and peel grapefruit into wedges
  8. Gently flatten the cooked asparagus between two sheets of foil to 1 cm
  9. Heat butter in a pan until hazelnut colored, lightly color asparagus on both sides
  10.  Arrange asparagus on a dish, sprinkle with sweet bread crumbs
  11.  Brown ham on stove, then sprinkle over both the asparagus and the slightly warmed grapefruit 


Stuffed Moustokouloura

Source: Image from ktMINE Patent Search App

For dessert is GR1009302B, a ‘Recipe for stuffed grape must cookies.’ Referred to as moustokouloura, cookies made of grape must (crushed grapes) are a traditional Greek food that this patent makes novel by stuffing the cookie with a filling. While this recipe is not explicit in the amount of each ingredient you are to use, because of the general science behind making cookies, it may be worth attempting if you have any baking experience. The following is a rough translation from Greek of the recipe:

  1. Mix flour, sugar, raisin juice concentrate, grape must, vegetable oil, inflation material, aromatic materials (e.g. cinnamon) 
  2. Shape the moustokouloura dough into a cylindrical body 
  3. Using the cornet, stuff the cookie with a filling (such as jam, raisin juice syrup with honey, or praline)
  4. Bake at the required time and temperature     


Which one should I try?

Well, that depends on what your standards are based on. If time is not on your side, the amount of waiting required for the hulled barley nurungji may not be ideal. On the other hand, if you are health conscious, hulled barley is known to be very nutritious. If you are prioritizing your tastebuds, perhaps the butter-fried asparagus for salty snackers, or the Greek cookies for those with a sweet tooth. Even if none of the recipes presented here were to your taste, there are many more where these came from in the ktMINE Patent Application.