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Advance your patent intelligence with connected licensing and intellectual property (IP) information. ktMINE Patents is your go-to resource when questions arise around patents such as: “What is the estimated value of a patent?”, “What geographical area are associated with these patents?” or “Who is innovating in a patent area, where, and at what rate?” With over 20 patent search filters, you have the flexibility to refine your search to fit your specific project needs. ktMINE Patents significantly reduces research time, maximizes your analysis power, and solves your unanswered questions around patents.

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Benchmark Value

Determining a patent’s value is vital for many purposes but can involve multiple factors. Through ktMINE Patents, find technologies that have been licensed to use as benchmarks of value. Instantly access royalty rates from a set of licensed patents, eliminating hours of work searching through agreements to calculate ranges. Contracts are not only used to identify value but also to provide market-based evidence of deal structures and clauses.

Precise and Efficient Analyses

Equipped with one-click responsive filters, results can be narrowed by application date, CPC classifications, applicant countries, patent status, patents under license, litigation status, and many more. After reviewing your results, relevant patents can be easily saved to a set for further analysis. View document summaries that include the most relevant information such as license agreements, assignments, court cases, citations, claims, and links to full images. Complete a more thorough and expanded analysis with international patent publications.

Sophisticated Analytics

ktMINE Patents delivers powerful patent analytics. In addition to trends around applicants, inventors, and CPC classifications, patents are linked with licensing transactions to reveal unseen connections such as royalty rate trends. Develop confidence in your decision-making with the increased analysis power afforded through market intelligence.

Revolutionizing Patent Intelligence

Big data tools are constantly enhancing patent intelligence with connected data and analytics. ktMINE is the only tool that extracts royalty rates from agreements and connects them with the licensed patents for the greatest insight into the value of a technology. Support patent licensing and valuation with market evidence.

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Customer Success

Nobody expects you to be a search expert overnight. That’s why customers are enrolled in our comprehensive customer success route. From training to project assistance, the ktMINE team is dedicated to helping you get the most of your subscription.


To kick off your subscription you will be introduced to your Customer Success Specialist, who is your dedicated resource for
all things ktMINE.


Our support staff is ready and waiting to provide search assistance and make sure you are finding the best results for your project.


We’ll stay in contact to make sure you are always getting the most out of ktMINE, let you know what new features are coming, and help you with difficult projects.

How It Works



With a repository of over 102,000,000 patents, connected licensing data, powerful filters and analytics, search patents like you never have before.

  • Search by owner, application date, geography, industry, reference count, and more
  • Use search filters to refine or expand searches


Review Results

Rapidly scan patents to find the most relevant results.

  • Group results by industry, owner, or family ID
  • Narrow results with one-click filters
  • View publication summaries
  • Add patents to a saved set



Analyze using the method that is most convenient to you. Connected patent data makes references, citations, and priority claims easy to investigate. Connected agreement data reveals licensing intelligence that’s not found in your other patent search tools. Big picture context and trends for an entire set of patents such as royalty rate trends, applicants, and inventors can be found in Analytics.


Where do you get your data?

Through a proprietary process, ktMINE gathers innovation and intangible asset data from publicly available sources such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, USPTO, hundreds of news sources, as well as Freedom of Information Act requests. Our mission is to find, analyze, and add any public document with viable innovation and intangible asset information into our database while making the search and review process for this information fast and accurate.

What if I need a custom set of data?

In the case that you want a specific set of data that meets your preferences, we offer Custom Solutions that offer the ability to have our data delivered to you in the format that works best for your needs.

What are my access options?

Access is annual subscription based. ktMINE also offers customized application packages for customers from full firms to individuals. Contact us for pricing and package options.