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ktMINE Announces the Launch of License Agreement Analyzer™

By September 18, 2012June 23rd, 2023No Comments

ktMINE, an intellectual property (IP) data and information services firm, announced today the launch of their License Agreement Analyzer expert solution.

ktMINE License Agreement Analyzer is the newest edition to the company’s licensing intelligence product portfolio and offers precise insights from more than 70,000 IP license agreements. This new solution combine’s access to ktMINE’s ever-growing repository of IP license agreements with expert-level search management tools, allowing analysts to quickly find a full spectrum of IP Intelligence details. Whether negotiating a licensing deal, protecting valuable IP, or litigating against IP infringement, License Agreement Analyzer provides unprecedented access to intelligence that generates a competitive advantage.

ktMINE License Agreement Analyzer also allows users to refine results using narrowing filters containing pre-populated choices aligned with initial search results, view results as a list or as individual summaries of key sections (including Background, Definitions, Payments/Royalties and Grants), and export agreements and results lists.

“ktMINE strives to provide the market with the most efficient means of analyzing the world’s IP information,” said David R. Jarczyk, President and CEO of ktMINE. “License Agreement Analyzer was built to provide the search efficiency, ease-of-use and information transparency that analysts around the globe have been seeking. We are so pleased to introduce this integral next step in IP information analysis to the market.”

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