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Mining, organizing and providing access to innovation and intellectual property data since 2008.

Our Mission

Finding useful innovation & intellectual property information in the public domain is difficult. Not only is it scattered and unorganized, there is no obligation for companies to disclose their intangible assets or innovation strategies in their entirety. At ktMINE, we seek to remedy this problem by mining data, organizing it, connecting it and providing hands on access to hard working professionals such as yourself. On top of that, our talented team has created innovative ways to link data sets, revealing previously unseen connections.

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Our story begins with ktMINE’s founders, a group of economists working day in and out on court cases related to intellectual property valuations. The need for a fast, all-inclusive solution was integral to their success, yet available products just weren’t meeting their needs. To remedy the problem we began creating a database of license agreements and royalty rates. We soon found the combination of human talent and organized, accessible data created a winning equation. This did not go unnoticed, and soon we were being approached by competitors about licensing our database. The rest, as they say, is history. With transparency in mind, we have since expanded our data sets to provide professionals around the world a broader range of intelligence.

Our Team

L. Michael Taylor

Co-Founder & CEO

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Ruined the ending of Breaking Bad season 3 for the entire team while coming up with this fact

The ‘Father’ of ktMINE technology, Mike custom-built the application infrastructure and data mining engine that powers all ktMINE products. As the leader of all technology and development initiatives, Mike oversees everything from back office integration to web application architecture and development. Having previously founded his own company, 83 Systems, Mike has ample experience developing and designing enterprise scale applications.

Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from DePaul University

Christopher Teglia, CPA, CMA
Chief Financial Officer

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Once lived in a known hide-out for Al Capone

Our finance guru, Chris came to ktMINE from Ceteris, having played a pivotal role in executing the growth strategy that ultimately led to the successful sale of the company in 2012. Chris brings his magic touch to ktMINE, managing our general and administrative operations, advising on all strategic decisions, and helping build the infrastructure of the firm. Finance, accounting, human resources? Chris is your man.

Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Northern Illinois University

John Wiora
Chief Operating Officer

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Has seen over 1000 bands play live including New Kids on the Block, Pink, Wilco, Neil Young with Crazy Horse, and Sonic Youth.

As Chief Operating Officer, John takes the lead role in making sure the ktMINE machine is a well-oiled one. Managing all sales, marketing, and research operations, he heads up data acquisition, analysis, and implementation, as well as, develops sales and marketing strategies that serve our customers. Having researched trends, patterns and relationships surrounding specialized facets of IP intangibles transactions for a broad range of customers, John is well versed in the needs of our broad customer base. Through his work with ktMINE, and his previous life as a transfer pricing professional, John has personally analyzed thousands of IP license agreements. He’s a really fast reader.

Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Marketing from DePaul University



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