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Would You Have Caught This About a Target Company?

By September 9, 2015August 8th, 2023No Comments

Imagine that you set up ktMINE Alerts for Uber, your target company. On August 19th, you would have been alerted that Uber received 9 mapping technology patents from Microsoft.

Uber Exampled ktMINE Alerts

This could signal the following questions for Uber’s strategy:

1. Does a push to improve their mapping system point to an investment into self-driving cars?

2. Is this the start of a relationship with Microsoft?

3. Going forward will they grow through research and development or more acquisitions?

ktMINE can build a Report for any company of interest that gives you insights into their current and pending intangible asset portfolio. The Report also gives you recent news, M&A rumors and deals, Intangible asset connections, and licensing information to give you insights into their entire intangible asset activity.

ktMINE Reports with Alerts not only provide immediate insights into a company’s intangible assets, but also provide continuous updates on any changes to them.

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