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To say the last few weeks have been an adjustment for the ktMINE team (both professionally and personally) would be an understatement. One minute it was business as usual, and what seemed like the next we all moved remote, scattered across the greater Chicago area. The best thing about being a part of such an innovative tech company is that the transition was seamless. While we love being in the same space as one another, we haven’t let our change in geography stop us from providing excellent service to our customers, and (just as importantly) stay connected with one another. Because let’s be honest, water cooler talk is an integral part of our day!

We have some pretty amazing team members who live and breathe IP, but today, as we head into month two of our stay-at-home order, we’d like to share some different pieces of our personalities. From cooking to giving back, ktMINERs are making the best of this unusual time.


Healthcare professionals, have we ever told you you’re our heroes?

As office workers, we can’t even imagine what it’s like to be a healthcare professional right now. What we do know is that they are heroes and deserve our heartfelt gratitude. While we can’t help on the front lines right now, several ktMINE team members have answered the call to support their local healthcare workers in any way they can.

“My husband is an amateur 3D printer, and we have two at home. When I saw the template for a 3D printed mask extender, I immediately sent it to my husband and we began printing them. We’ve been able to print several hundred and supply them to a few nurse friends, as well as local hospitals.” – Danielle Lambert, Marketing Specialist


**WARNING, stop reading if you have not been properly quarantine snacking** 

More time at home means more time to break out that sous vide cooker. Instead of day after day of boxed macaroni and cheese, it turns out we have some real chefs on the ktMINE team. Watch out Master Chef, ktMINE is coming for you.

“Breakfast is my favorite meal and prior to social distancing my schedule maybe allowed for a home-cooked, sit down breakfast once a week. So I’ve been taking the time to prepare breakfast and meditate/ease into the day.” – Stuart Fisher, Marketing Manager


Hiring blitz

ktMINE is getting hairier, and much much cuter. No, not because all the hair salons are closed (although that certainly doesn’t help), but because of our cuddly new colleagues. They might interrupt us at inconvenient times, write gibberish in Slack and never pull their weight, but they’re integral to “office” morale. Just look at those faces!

“01.2 3” – Mr. Henley, Productivity Cat Manager of Brian Enskat


Happy hour in the age of social distancing

The work from home environment is a lot different than ktMINE’s open office concept. To help, our monthly happy hours have turned into weekly get-togethers to share all the exciting things that have happened over the past week, which normally consist of what’s hot on Netflix, our daily walks, and how we’ve all been eating too much.


Enjoying the great outdoors…6ft apart 

In true Midwest (and Colorado) spring fashion – snowing one minute and blue skies the next, the ktMINERs are still getting in their daily dose of vitamin D. Whether it’s taking advantage of a backyard or playing the quarantine shuffle to dodge others on a walk, the team has been staying active and keeping our minds clear.

“Some of our favorite quarantine activities include running and biking along Lake Michigan as well as admiring the Chicago skyline at sunset from New Buffalo” – Chris Teglia, Chief Financial Officer

Stop, it’s hobby time

Looking on the bright side, hours of uninterrupted quarantine have allowed for more time doing our favorite or picking up new, activities. From bird watching to Lithuanian egg dying, ktMINERs have a diverse set of interests and talents.


We can’t wait to get back to the office but are making the best of our situation until that day comes. Hopefully, you too can find some ways to make the new normal more enjoyable.

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