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ktMINE data is often used to assist esteemed members of the community create compelling articles. This month, we are proud to have made it into two such articles:

Big data solutions to determining IP risk and value

By Nigel Swycher

The significant increase in the volume and availability of data about intellectual property, combined with major advances in data science, make this the perfect time to apply big data solutions in order to produce powerful analytics and IP visualizations

Found in Issue 66 of IAM Magazine

Selected Advanced Transportation Trends
Part 1 – The Giga-Factory

By Michael Craner

There are a number of important advances happening in the transportation sector—from connected cars featuring self-driving capability and collision avoidance, and spawning privacy concerns, to plug-in hybrid electric / gas /diesel / compressed air / hydrogen / fuel-cell / solar and nuclear vehicles, to roadway-embedded and microwave-beaming charging systems; not to mention fleet-management logistics systems, advanced turbo-charging systems, fuel-saving navigation systems, distributed traffic-monitoring systems, instrumented self-diagnosing roadways, energy-recovery devices and mass-transit advances.