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Prior to attending the AUTM Annual meeting this past February, ktMINE research analysts reviewed the portfolios of U.S. universities and compiled a list of the 20 largest university innovation portfolios. The universities listed below have the largest patent portfolios of granted U.S. patents based on ktMINE data.

20 Largest University Innovation Portfolios

1. University of California System

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3. Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

4. California Institute of Technology

5. University of Texas System

6. Stanford University

7. Johns Hopkins University

8. University of Michigan

9. University of Illinois System

10. Columbia University

11. Harvard University

12. University of Pennsylvania

13. University of Southern California

14. Purdue University

15. University of South Florida

16. Northwestern University

17. University of Florida

18. New York University

19. State University of New York System

20. University of Maryland

Additionally, analysis of royalty rate activity in this space reveals the commercialization potential of these innovations. Below is a graph detailing the range of royalty rates across several active universities.

Royalty Rate Profile of Active Universities

Royalty Rate Profile of Active Universities

Source: ktMINE IP Platform

The innovations researched and created at universities impact our lives daily, and the work being done at these institutions are creating breakthroughs in a vast array of industries. Take a look at our blog on the AUTM Annual Meeting to learn more about the impact universities are having on technology.

The Methodology:

To create the university ranking, ktMINE analyzed patent publications to determine granted and pending patent applications in good standing. Granted patents’ data includes utility patents along with design and plant patents. Patents and applications that have expired, been abandoned, or have been otherwise unmaintained are excluded from this dataset. The data pulled for this list is current as of 1/1/2018. ktMINE technology aggregates each granted patent and application to its corresponding corporate tree in order to create the most up-to-date and complete portfolio.

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