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ktMINE Releases IP Reports

By February 8, 2013June 23rd, 2023No Comments

ktMINE, an intellectual property (IP) data and information services firm, announced today the availability of IP Reports.

ktMINE IP Reports comprise the IP Business Intelligence sector of the ktMINE product portfolio and provide a new and unique way to survey the IP landscape. In addition to ktMINE’s repository of over 50,000 royalty rates and 80,000 license agreements, IP Reports include data coverage of 15 million US patents and patent assignments, 10 million US trademarks and trademark assignments and millions of Company IP Connections.

With assurance that related IP information has been found, ktMINE IP Reports offer users unparalleled competitive advantage. ktMINE’s proprietary Company IP Connections leverage ktMINE’s paramount technology and unsurpassed expertise to uncover never before seen IP relationships. With Company IP Connections users can view valuable connections between a company and every other company or key individual related through IP.

ktMINE IP Reports allow seamless access to a company’s IP profile in one convenient location, saving countless hours that would have been spent searching for this information across the unorganized public domain.  Users have the ability to view and save individual IP documents linked within the report, as well as export entire reports.

“Strategic partnerships often revolve around IP and come in many different forms”, stated David R. Jarczyk, President & CEO of ktMINE. “ To add to the confusion often associated with these partnerships, the most advanced companies create convoluted structures to hide their IP relationships and strategies. Uncovering usable and comprehensive IP information in this realm can be risky and futile without the aid of organized data and advanced search tools. As a champion of transparency, ktMINE could not be more excited or proud to introduce the level of clarity found within IP Reports.”