Let’s Meet at INTA Annual Meeting

– Seattle, Washington –

May 19 – 23, 2018

Tired of using multiple databases to research IP?

We’ve got you covered. At ktMINE, we continuously ask, “is there a better way?”. Because, like you, we’ve tried the old way and that wasn’t good enough. Come by the ktMINE Booth to see what happens when IP information is carefully connected and see the insights you have been looking to find.

Premiering at INTA. Be the First to See Licensed Trademarks!

Licensed Trademarks – We’ve successful tied US Trademarks to full-text agreements to allow you to view contractual terms, royalty rates, and other actionable insights through trademark searching.

ktMINE offers Software as a Service and Data as a Service solutions, allowing you to access the following IP Information.

Meet the ktMINE Team

Eric Podlogar and Michelle Martone will be demonstrating the power of IP data to inform decisions and create opportunities across all major IP practice areas: Litigation, Licensing/Transactions, Prosecution, and M&A.

Eric Podlogar, IP Legal Market Lead

Michelle Martone, Esq., Business Development Executive

Eric has over 14 years of experience in business intelligence and IP licensing. He was previously a Senior Patent Licensing Associate at Google working on acquisitions, securing licensing engagements, and procuring freedom of action, and prior to that at Motorola Mobile Devices as a Senior Manager of IP Licensing working on exposure analyses, industry profiles and acquisitions.

Beginning her career as Assistant State’s Attorney, Michelle has over 20 years of diverse legal experience. Most recently at IP service firms, she understands the needs of the IP legal market. Michelle is a partner to her clients and focuses on solving their key business challenges together.

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