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VIDEO: How to Find Licensed Patents

By July 2, 2014August 3rd, 2023No Comments

Find Licensed Patents

In addition to aggregating the world’s intellectual property, we are dedicated to connecting the data and finding hidden revelations.

By utilizing publicly available information and interconnected data sets, IP professionals can discover once hidden pieces of information. In the past, it may have been nearly impossible to see how automobile glass, commercial buildings and mobile phone were related. However, by connecting patents, license agreements, and royalty information, IP professionals can see that a patent for automobile glass was licensed to a commercial building manufacturer to be used in high-rise buildings, and that later the royalties agreed to in that license agreement were used to calculate the potential value of mobile phones built using the same glass.

Easily finding licensed patents can be utilized by a wide variety of functional areas, including competitive intelligence, valuation, damages, and technology transfer. Want to see how simple the process can be within ktMINE IP?

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