eBook: The Intro Guide to IP For Competitive Intelligence

Within competitive intelligence, the importance of intellectual property continues to expand. Many professionals see the necessity to 1. Begin researching IP on their competitors and their major sectors, 2 Gain a greater understanding of how IP data can be used for CI. For many of these professionals, this is the first time they are looking into IP and it can be an overwhelming experience.

This is why we have developed THE INTRODUCTORY GUIDE TO IP FOR COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE: How to Monitor Your Competitor’s Innovation & Technology Through Intellectual Property. Our Director of Operations, John Wiora, created this guide with the help of Megan Rourke and Laura Sorg to assist in giving professionals an introduction to IP and the benefits for CI purposes.

The Intro Guide to IP For Competitive Intelligence ktMINE

Download this ebook to learn how to monitor your competitor’s:

  • Technologies
  • Brands
  • Partnerships
  • Deals


About the author: ktMINE
Based in Chicago, IL, ktMINE collects, organizes, and connects transactional and IP data to help you quickly and confidently perform research. ktMINE then take that data and turn it into real, actionable insights. Because ktMINE believes that there’s a big difference between data and intelligence.