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EMC’s Asset Portfolio Provides Insight into Dell’s Strategy

By November 4, 2015August 3rd, 2023No Comments

It was big news when Dell announced it’s buying EMC, in fact it’s one of the biggest deals of all time in the tech sector. Many speculations have circulated around what intangible assets were most intriguing to Dell:

  • Is Dell interested in EMC’s cloud-based services assets?
  • Will they better compete against emerging vendors?
  • Are they looking to increase their asset portfolio in specific areas to expand their offerings?

Validate assumptions about a company’s hidden innovation strategy through their intangible assets portfolio. Here’s a look at EMC’s intangible assets portfolio by top sectors that Dell will be acquiring:

Here’s a look at the top innovation sectors EMC was executing just before the deal:



However, besides looking at EMC as a whole, our reports would also give you insights into the assets of their subsidiaries as well. EMC operates in 3 main product categories that also include many subsidiaries that would be covered in the report.

Main Subsidiaries by Product Category:

       1) Information Infrastructure Division

             a) Enterprise Content

                   i) Documentum

                  ii) RSA Security INC, RSA Security LLC

                  iii) Legato Systems

                  iv) VCE

                  v) Data General

                  vi) Captiva Software

      2) Cloud-Computing

            a) Pivotal Software, INC

            b) Virtustream

      3) VMware (Offers both enterprise products and cloud services)

           a) AirWatch LLC: Enterprise Mobility Management

           b) Wanova Technologies: Enterprise Intelligent Desktop solutions

           c) Continuent: Database Clustering

           d) Desktone INC: desktop-as-a-service

           e) Integrien Corporation

           f)  NICIRA NETWORKS INC: Open source initiatives

           g) SpringSource Global: Virtualization solutions


ktMINE can build a Report for any company of interest that gives you immediate insights into their current and pending innovation & intangible asset portfolio.The Report also gives you recent innovation news, M&A rumors and deals, intangible asset connections, and licensing information to give you insights into their entire intangible asset activity.
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