Facilitating Research Efficiency

ktMINE works with legal professionals in corporations and law firms to enhance their business development and legal research through access to intellectual property.  IP data is scattered, unstructured, and unorganized making it cumbersome to accomplish research objectives. ktMINE connects IP information in ways that facilitate efficient and targeted data research.

Maximizing Client Confidence

Back up your expertise with data-driven intelligence. Whether you’re validating information for a deal, supporting licensing of a technology, preparing for a negotiation, valuing a portfolio, or pitching a prospect, maximize confidence with fact-based evidence. Utilize ktMINE’s vast repository of intellectual property data with flexible access options for every project type.

Many M&A transactions are largely driven by the intellectual property a target company owns. It is said that IP accounts for nearly 80% of a company’s value, yet many fail to do proper due diligence on the value and accuracy of the IP being acquired. ktMINE understands that IP can pose a risk to the acquiring company, which is why our customers use us to evaluate a target’s IP portfolio. Much like you would not buy a used car without an accident history report, you should not buy a company without understanding their IP history. With ktMINE, we allow you to instantly access a company’s IP portfolio through a report to verify that it is both complete and accurate. 

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Confirm the target’s IP holdings
  • Assess the value of the target’s IP
  • Verify ownership rights of the IP

Intellectual property lawyers advise their clients on various issues. Whether it’s related to executing and structuring a license agreement, assisting in litigation, or advising on where competitors are moving, ktMINE offers the flexibility to find answers to those legal questions. Instantly access a report to verify the IP portfolio of a company or search the ktMINE platform for baseline IP and innovation research. 

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Execute and structure license agreements
  • Support litigation or compliance issues
  • Advise on industry IP or competitor movements

The duties and responsibilities of law librarians are challenging in the fast-paced environment. Being able to find relevant and accurate information with ease is essential. Intellectual property information plays a significant role in many projects.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Support IP due diligence projects such as licensing, M&A, or valuation
  • Validate IP information for litigation or compliance
  • Monitor client’s competitors, industries, and technologies
  • Structure and draft agreements

ktMINE is redefining lead generation and due diligence with connected corporate data. Improve client services, identify potential clients, and prepare for your next pitch. ktMINE corporate data includes relationships between companies, attorneys of record, inbound and outbound IP activity, technology investment and divestiture trends, and much more.  Start your next conversation with better intelligence about your client or prospect. Stay up-to-date with clients’ IP activities through alerts direct to your inbox.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Discover a company’s IP framework for diligence assignments
  • Uncover relationship between companies innovators, creditors, and lawyers
  • Generate valuable business development leads
  • Increase the probability of sales success