data driven intelligence

Advancing Government Capabilities

In the current international market, technology and innovation are playing a more prevalent role when it comes to national security, economic analysis, competitive research, and policy creation. However, understanding how to look at data around technology and innovation is in the early stages for governments. ktMINE works with Government Intelligence Agencies, Economic and Research Communities, Tax Authorities, and National Laboratories across the globe to fulfill their strategic information needs in order to advance capabilities.

Safeguarding National Security

Governments are often faced with limited time and information to make decisions. The need for expedited research and data-driven intelligence is imperative in a fast-paced volatile global environment. ktMINE has organized the world’s largest repositories of IP data and documentation. ktMINE’s intelligent IP data can be used to track IP more efficiently to uncover where sensitive information is being moved.

Governments tasked with accurately analyzing and monitoring covered transactions for national security while promoting foreign direct investments are often faced with limited time and information to make decisions. The need for data-driven intelligence around IP is vital in the rapidly changing global environment. ktMINE tracks and organizes intellectual property transactions across borders.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Monitor M&A deals and rumors
  • Monitor foreign purchases of sensitive patented technologies
  • Identify a company’s current IP portfolio
  • Track movement of IP across borders

As the global importance of transfer pricing increases as a key revenue generating area for governments, there are a growing number of rules and reporting requirements being put in place. Leading the BEPS implementation, tax authorities are actively developing supporting legislation. The need for data-driven evidence to uphold regulations and contend transfer pricing analyses is vital to tax authorities. ktMINE organizes intellectual property to simplify the search for relevant, useful IP licensing data and market comparables.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Audit transfer pricing analyses
  • Litigate transfer pricing cases
  • Research taxpayer IP holdings and publicly available information

Antitrust Divisions are tasked with accurately understanding and evaluating mergers to promote economic competition through enforcing and providing guidance on antitrust laws and principles. The need for data-driven intelligence around IP is important as it can be used to impede competition in an industry. ktMINE tracks and organizes intellectual property transactions to provide insights into how competition is affected by IP.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Monitor mergers and acquisitions to evaluate economic competition
  • Identify the pre- and post- IP landscape of the companies and industry
  • Track potential movements of IP from company to company

Governments tasked with researching, monitoring, and evaluating technology landscapes to advance government capabilities are often faced with limited resources and information to accurately analyze markets. The need for expedited research of existing and developing technologies is crucial in a fast-paced innovative global environment. ktMINE tracks and organizes intellectual property to provide data-driven intelligence of technology transactions.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Locate and evaluate technologies in an industry or sector of interest
  • Identify the current owner, past owners, assignees, and inventor of a technology
  • Identify and track companies in a technology sector that are currently investing in innovation
  • Monitor innovations and discover emerging trends

National Laboratories are tasked with advancing the commercialization of federally developed technologies. Commercializing IP can be a time-consuming undertaking, often requiring research across multiple data sources. ktMINE streamlines the commercialization process by reducing the time, cost and risk of R&D projects.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Determine the novelty of a technology
  • Identify industry players and commercialization partners
  • Review every global license agreement publically filed involving a specific technology
  • Assess market and technology behavior
  • Determine reasonable royalty benchmarks