corporate business intelligence

Corporations spend significant time and effort hiding their innovations and IP strategies. Why? Because their innovation represents future competitive advantages and revenue. ktMINE finds and connects corporations’ data to present the big picture. Protect your company as you would protect your personal identification and credit by monitoring the IP activity of your company, industry, and your competitors.

Quickly Research Business Questions

Whether you work in the Legal, Tax, Finance, Licensing, Research, Competitive Intelligence, Marketing, or Product Development groups of a Corporation, intellectual property influences the decisions that impact your business. ktMINE understands the importance of using IP to improve and support business decisions. We have built our products to allow you to make decisions easier without being an IP expert.

Providing Transparency

Search like you’ve never searched before. ktMINE enables users to improve their business intelligence research. Our platform is the first to offer visibility by connecting all things IP to support decisions across the organization. We provide transparency into changes that occur in companies, technologies, and industries. Protect your organization by understanding the changes that may affect your business.

Licensing professionals are tasked with understanding markets, managing the commercialization process, determining reasonable license fees and royalty rates, and mitigating risks. Whether you are evaluating a collaboration with a new company, looking to bring in new technologies, or wanting to monetize an asset that is not being used, ktMINE provides licensing professionals tools to make key decisions easier.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Protect your organization by understanding the IP changes that affect your business
  • Find partners for in-licensing and out-licensing
  • Evaluate partnerships by reviewing IP portfolios
  • Improve negotiations by researching deal terms and parties
  • Benchmark royalty rates by industry, geography, and field of use
  • Identify IP owners and strategies for monetizing portfolios

International Tax and Transfer Pricing professionals are responsible for ensuring that corporations comply with tax laws while also ensuring that transaction structures are most appropriate for the business.  ktMINE’s data and tools support thorough due diligence in Transfer Pricing matters as well as support BEPS documentation. Search the same database that is used by most government tax authorities to perform their local country audits.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Mitigate risks by adding protection and substance to documentation and research
  • Obtain comparable agreements and transaction structures
  • Research your own company to understand what is discoverable by tax authorities

Competitive Intelligence professionals are responsible for knowing where the next disruption to their business is coming. Whether the disruption is coming from inside the industry from known competitors or from new entrants, being able to find this information quickly can protect your business. ktMINE tracks and organizes intellectual property to provide immediate insights and data-driven intelligence on competitors’ innovations. Solutions are flexible and allow you to stay up-to-date with your competitor’s daily IP activities through alerts direct to your inbox.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Track competitors, industries, and technologies to predict market changes and emerging trends
  • Evaluate competitors’ strategic capabilities and market positions
  • Review competitors’ licensing partners and deal terms
  • Research industry IP movements
  • Protect your position by tracking new market entrants / disruptors
  • Track new brands your competitors’ develop to gain insight into product and marketing strategies
  • Monitor competitors’ investments in innovation to predict strategic moves

Legal professionals are responsible for protecting and advising their clients on many business issues including mitigating risks and understanding the impact of IP on the company and its industry competitors. ktMINE provides legal professionals tools to improve and support their clients’ business needs.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Perform IP research on companies, technologies, or industries
  • Validate IP information for litigation or compliance
  • Track and research competitors
  • Advise corporate departments on the legal side of tax, licensing, and other issues
  • Protect your position by understanding changes that affect your business

Research Librarians can support many different groups within an organization. ktMINE helps customers serve their internal customers to provide insights around licensing and IP related activities as well as staying current on changes within the industry and competitors.

Those responsible for fostering, evaluating, and executing M&A deals need to find the right targets with the right assets to expand the offering of a company. However, quickly evaluating, understanding, and performing due diligence on intellectual property is often a complicated process. ktMINE creates efficiency to the M&A process by improving the ability to research IP. Much like you would not buy a used car without an accident history report, you should not buy a company without understanding their IP history.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Research and find acquisition targets
  • Perform due diligence on IP assets of targets
  • Track recent IP activity
  • Evaluate IP portfolios
  • Make more informed M&A decisions