Jake Sweeney

Sales Lead

With over 7 years of expertise, Jake is a seasoned professional driving business growth at ktMINE. His passion for intellectual property, combined with a deep understanding of the field, makes him a valuable asset. Jake excels in building client relationships, closing deals, and leveraging ktMINE’s unique IP platform for revenue generation. His strategic mindset and commitment to excellence continue to play a pivotal role in ktMINE’s success in the dynamic IP market.

Jake’s proficiency in recognizing the value of intellectual property sets him apart, allowing him to strategically position ktMINE in the industry. His adept use of the ktMINE IP platform, coupled with a client-centric approach, ensures not only client satisfaction but also sustained growth for ktMINE in the competitive landscape of intellectual property.

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?

Without question, time travel. It would be fascinating to see the world at any point in time in history.

What’s something in your office that brings you joy?

My framed newspaper of the Chicago Cubs World Series the day after they won. In the future, I want to add an original Wrigley Field stadium seat.

Jake Sweeney Headshot
Jake Sweeney Headshot