Amy Westrick

Marketing Manager

As our Marketing Manager, Amy is instrumental in propelling our brand’s success through her strategic vision and versatile skill set. With a focus on developing and executing dynamic marketing plans, Amy excels in managing our digital presence, crafting compelling content, and fostering collaboration across teams. With over 6 years of expertise in social media, content creation, and performance analytics, Amy ensures our marketing efforts remain agile and ahead of the competition, seamlessly blending creativity with data-driven insights for maximum impact.

Her expert management of our online platforms reflects not only a keen understanding of social media dynamics but also a commitment to authentic audience engagement. Amy’s analytical skills stand out as she tackles performance metrics to refine and optimize our marketing strategies, contributing to our brand’s resilience and success in the competitive landscape.

Do you have any strange phobias?


What was your childhood nickname?

Ames, the name really stuck when I went to college in Ames, IA

Amy Westrick Headshot