Trademarks & Assignments

Over 12 Million Trademarks & Assignments

Want instant access to a vast repository of trademark data? ktMINE’s exclusive technology brings together in one platform the over 12 million publicly available trademarks & assignments globally.

Locate comprehensive intellectual property profiles with detailed trademark & assignment data to aid in competitive intelligence research. Trademark assignment data can expose company connections that might not be revealed through M&A activity.  Peruse important details in a concise and organized manner, allowing you to find the most relevant information for every project that crosses your desk.

This means more data, faster than you’ve ever before been able to pull together. As an added bonus, our trademark data is connected to our IP data, for potential insights into trademark valuation.

Common Uses

Transfer Pricing & BEPS

  • Understanding where intangibles are moving from one country to another
  • Tracking your the movement of marketing intangibles for tax purposes
  • Identifying trends in movement of marketing intangibles for industries and companies

IP Strategy & Valuation

  • Uncovering competitor product plans & conducting competitive intelligence research
  • Assessing the viability of a proposed trademark
  • IP due diligence for M&A transactions
  • Discovering underlying intellectual property management strategies
  • Identifying competitive conflicts

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