Royalty Rates

One-of-a-Kind Database Features

ktMINE’s royalty rate database uses our proprietary technology coupled with analyst review to aggregate every single publicly available royalty rate in the world! That’s over 68,000, available for your instant access!

Finding comparable royalty rates has never been easier. ktMINE eliminates the need to rely on rules of thumb or broad industry survey information. Save time and frustration with our high-powered search functionality. To further ease your search, the ktMINE team is standing by for assistance.

With ktMINE, you no longer have to read through page after page of documentation. Our analysts review each license agreement and provide the most important information in succinct profiles. You can always view the full text license agreements when you desire to.

Make your analysis defensible with ktMINE by knowing that you have access to all publicly available royalties. Gain confidence that your analysis is accurate the first time and rest assured you have the appropriate support. Our data is cited as evidence in many high stake litigation cases, such as the 2017 Amazon vs. IRS tax case.

Plus, ktMINE’s data sets are linked… Imagine making the connection between royalty rates and patent families to effectively determine the value of any given technology.

Common Uses of Our Data

With ktMINE’s royalty rates database, accomplish reliable research faster than ever before. Here are just a few ways our customers use our Royalty Rate data.

Transfer Pricing & BEPS

  • Valuing intercompany transactions
  • Documenting marketing intangible transactions such as trademarks, brand names, and service marks
  • Supporting manufacturing intangible transactions such as patents, trade secrets, technical information
  • Preparing software transactions involving source code, object code and software platforms
  • Benchmarking intercompany services, such as management services, procurement services, buying agent services, sale agent services, contract manufacturing services, research and development services, and financial services.

IP Strategy & Valuation

  • Licensing intellectual property
  • Reviewing trends of royalty rates by industry
  • Identifying royalty rates for market or patent valuation analyses
  • Determining the value of specific technologies using comparable patent royalty rates
  • Reviewing trends of patent royalty rates by industry
  • Drafting and negotiating licensing deals
  • Preparing litigation and audit support

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