Patent Court Cases

Thanks to our patented, unique technology, ktMINE’s aggregated patent court case data is nothing like you’ve seen before. Our linked data means the court case data you search is automatically linked to patent data throughout the platform. Our high-powered search functionality means you find the most recent and relevant litigation cases. The result is greater insight into litigation activity at the company, technology, and industry levels.

You’ll love searching by patents that are being asserted, and the ability to instantly review the summary information for the court case. Whether you need to follow patent litigation trends, research intellectual property infringement cases, or understand litigation history of entities, accessing our patent court case data gives you a start on your work.

Common Uses

Transfer Pricing & BEPS

  • Identifying litigation royalty rate insights
  • Tracking IP issues caused for individual entities
  • Monitoring ownership of IP caused by litigations

IP Strategy & Valuation

  • Monitoring litigation history of different companies
  • Tracking technologies being litigated by different entities
  • Identify recent litigation activity by company, law firm, classification, Judges and more

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