Licensed Trademarks

In a world where the value of a company is tied to its IP, you deserve a better way to attribute value to trademarks. For too long, you’ve had to use multiple databases to find answers. At ktMINE, we know there is a better way and our curiosity drove us to create a Licensed Trademark dataset.

With the help of homegrown technologies and on-staff analysts, we mined and connected thousands of public agreement and trademark filings to make finding comparable licensed trademarks easier. Instantly see trademarks that have been licensed and the terms, conditions, and payments that are tied to the trademark. Our trademark agreements often disclose royalty rates and other payments to effectively determine the value of a comparable trademark.

Common Uses

With linked trademark data and on-demand reports, the days of pulling and combining data from multiple spreadsheets and databases are over. Our customers use our trademark licensing database in many ways, including:

Transfer Pricing & BEPS

  • Improving comparable analyses by linking transactions directly to similarly trademarked intangibles agreements
  • Offering greater insights into the intangibles being licensed between entities for easier documentation

IP Strategy & Valuation

  • Finding royalty rate trends by US trademark classification, keywords, or by patent owner
  • Developing trademark portfolio valuation to support licensing activities
  • Locating comparable royalty rates for use in licensing and litigation analyses

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