Agreement Database

Utilizing our unique technology, we have succeeded in aggregating the world’s publicly available license agreements into one user-friendly platform. What that means for you is instant access to over 121,000 full-text license agreements.

Through our license agreement database, with the aid of high-powered search functionality, you can find the most relevant agreements for every project that crosses your desk. If you’re looking for global market information, nearly 75% of our license agreements include territories outside the United States. Agreements are available for both public and private companies, in addition to many large, medium, and small size companies, universities, and government agencies.

Results are displayed in succinct summaries to facilitate efficient analysis. We have extracted the most important information from the agreement and displayed for your convenience. Don’t worry, you also have access to full text license agreements when the need arises.

Knowing that the manual collection and connection of data can take hundreds of hours, multiple spreadsheets, and an impossible amount of effort, we’ve linked our IP data sets. Make the leap from license agreements to licensed patents or to agreements with variable royalty payments with the click of a mouse. This correlated information can reveal powerful insights that can not be found anywhere else.

Common Uses

With access to ktMINE’s database of license agreements and connected IP data sets, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few ways you can use our data for licensing research:

Transfer Pricing & BEPS

  • Tracking movement of IP between entities
  • Supporting intercompany agreements
  • Understanding how third parties would structure a transaction
  • Finding agreements of you client/company for documentation projects
  • Benchmarking independent transaction structures

IP Strategy & Valuation

  • Drafting license agreements and negotiating licensing deals
  • Determining licensing deal structure trends
  • Locating potential licensing partners
  • Performing competitive intelligence research on partners and competitors
  • Determining the market value of specific technologies
  • Preparing litigation and audit support

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