Corporate Trees

ktMINE’s unique technology aggregates companies’ intellectual property information, connects the datasets, and organizes by their ultimate parent in a corporate tree. What this means for our customers is instant access to a full company’s IP holdings and transactions. No longer do users need to search and piece together information about each entity owned by a company to perform their research. Users now can use a corporate tree within an interface to connect all the IP of these entities into one consolidated portfolio.

Corporate trees are based on the ultimate parent company and its subsidiaries. Hundreds of companies can be a part of one corporate tree, and with mergers and acquisitions happening frequently, company structures are constantly changing. Along with the ability to customize corporate trees through profiles, our technology identifies holding companies and company name variations that can be added to the company profile.
Ultimately, corporate trees save you hundreds of hours of collecting, sorting, and connecting IP information.

Common Uses

Transfer Pricing & BEPS

  • See the list of entities for consideration in analyses
  • Understand entities that own intellectual property within an organization
  • Assist with company research and due diligence for documentation and litigation situations

IP Strategy & Valuation

  • Identify parent company organization, affiliates and subsidiaries
  • Ensure that an entire portfolio is uncovered and considered
  • Use functionality to clarify obscure organization structures that might uncover unlikely subsidiaries or recent acquisitions
  • Aid with development of multinational strategies

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