IP Connections

/kəˈnekSHən/ noun

A relationship that links a person, thing or idea with another person, thing or idea.

Millions of IP Connections

Leveraging our unique technology and expertise in all things IP, we have succeeded in linking our intellectual property data sets and uncovering valuable corporate relationships.

If you thought it was amazing getting access to a single organized data set, imagine searching your competitor or a possible partner, and instantly viewing every company, person and piece of IP related to them.

Through our databases, finding IP Connections has never been easier.

Common Uses

With access to ktMINE databases, the possibilities are endless. Here are but a few ways you can utilize our IP Connections data.

  • Monitoring competitors’ innovations and movement to predict future offerings or exit strategies
  • Uncovering hidden value in intellectual property information
  • Locating IP holding companies and subsidiaries
  • Performing competitive intelligence research