Improved Research Solutions

ktMINE serves university technology transfer offices, academic professors and students, and research librarians. Universities around the world use ktMINE’s data to research trends around licensing and intellectual property, support their technology transfer commercialization activities, and offer faculty and students access for academic research.

Providing Transparency

ktMINE enables university users to improve their business intelligence research by providing transparency into changes that occur in companies, technologies, and industries. While other data sources exist, ktMINE connects IP information in ways that facilitate efficient and targeted data research.

Identifying appropriate licensing partners while protecting the University’s IP position is increasingly difficult with the ever-changing IP landscape. Many technology transfer professionals rely on survey data or experience in their field to prepare licensing deals, however, with ktMINE you can access over 100,000 previously executed license agreements, many of which include academic institutions, and over 60,000 royalty rate structures for evidence-based claims.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Identify market players and relationships for industries, technologies, participants
  • Identify new markets to be exploited
  • Find partners for licensing
  • Research partners to improve licensing negotiations
  • Benchmark royalty rates by industry, geography, and field of use
  • Monitor competitive environment specific to industries and market players
  • Identify IP owners and strategies for monetizing portfolios
  • Lead generation

Librarians support the research needs of the students and faculty. ktMINE provides a suite of intellectual property research solutions through a single platform with a user-friendly intuitive interface. Additional training and resources are available for all users.

ktMINE works with students and professors on their custom IP research needs. Through seminars and guest lecturing, ktMINE believes in educating young professionals in the ever-changing landscape of IP uses.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Review licensing trends across industries from a year-to-year basis
  • Research companies’ licensing behaviors
  • Identify market players and relationships for industries, technologies, participants
  • Research industry or technology trends

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