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One-Stop Data Source

ktMINE’s team of experts have spent decades analyzing royalty rates for transfer pricing, business valuation, and expert witness services for multinational organizations and government authorities. Identifying market royalty rate comparables with relevant, usable licensing terms was costly and far too time-consuming. That is why ktMINE created a one-stop source for key licensing data, accurate searching, and unrestricted access to documents needed to efficiently create a defensible analysis.

Providing Transparency

Public intangible asset information is abundant, but scattered, and often difficult to locate. Let’s face it, not everyone has the time, resources or energy to find it, let alone organize and connect the data in meaningful ways. ktMINE’s databases remove these tedious tasks, allowing you to get right to work. From comparable market royalty rates to licensed patents, ktMINE’s databases give you access to the insight you need to make informed decisions.

Ensuring that your Transfer Pricing analysis is defensible has become increasingly difficult in the ever-evolving intellectual asset landscape. With OECD’s implementation of its BEPS initiative, practitioners have been left with the uncertainty of this new landscape. Their chief concern stems from what this means for their firms as well as how they will be able to mitigate the risks associated with the implementation of BEPS.

ktMINE’s solutions help Transfer Pricing professionals quickly screen results in order to easily find all potential comparables, providing them with evidence to help develop a defensible analysis. ktMINE’s data and tools support thorough due diligence in Transfer Pricing matters as well as support BEPS documentation. Search the same database that is used by most government tax authorities to perform their local country audits.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Conduct royalty rate analyses
  • Search independent party functions and activities, by industry
  • Search independent party risk profiles, by industry
  • Determine routine vs. non-routine intangibles, by industry, sector, or entity functions
  • Search arm’s length royalty rates and other non-intangibles considerations
  • Track movement of intangibles, both intercompany and cross borders
  • Assist in having evidence for hard-to-value intangibles (HTVI)

Requirements to produce fact-based market evidence when selecting benchmark royalty rates has made finding defensible royalty rate and licensing information more critical than ever. ktMINE can be used to prepare valuations for bankruptcy, litigation party due diligence, analyzing goodwill and IP impairment, and for monetizing portfolios for IP owners.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Benchmark royalty rates by industry, geography, field of use, and more
  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) calculations
  • Reasonableness studies for IP royalty rates and other fee types
  • Damages calculations for IP infringement and/or misappropriation
  • IP valuation studies
  • Expert witness and litigation case support

Forensics and damages professionals are tasked with calculating economic loss through investigating and analyzing financial evidence.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Identify market evidence to determine economic loss
  • Determine the risk profile for a company
  • Expedite the due diligence process
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Support litigation and expert analyses

Intangible assets and innovation are playing a more prevalent role when it comes to deciding which deals to make. ktMINE makes this information accessible enabling individuals to make better deal decisions. This allows them to monitor the effect of intangible assets, mitigate risk, and perform research on the impact of transactions.

ktMINE helps customers:

  • Identify a company’s current asset portfolio
  • Monitor a specific industry or technology
  • Value a company’s Intellectual Property
  • Conduct competitive research on clients
  • Determine deal structures for a particular company or industry