Technology Transfer Suite

ktMINE takes the difficulty out of commercialization and lightens the research load with our suite of apps. Each easy-to-use application helps you solve a unique problem in the commercialization process.


Find Potential Partners

  • Quickly identify market participants
  • Review the top inbound market participants’ activity acquiring technologies
  • Review the top outbound participants’ activity selling relevant technologies

Research Deal Structures

  • Review full-text license agreements to identify deal terms for negotiations
  • Review previous licenses from potential licensees to identify beneficial clauses
  • Review previous licenses from similar technologies to identify beneficial clauses

Value Your Technology

  • Find comparable transactions to determine
    a fair royalty rate
  • Find Upfront and Milestone payments for comparable technologies
  • Utilize ktMINE summary information to determine comparability quickly

Determine Commercial Viability

  • Parse through all types of IP data in one platform
  • Dive deeper into a company’s IP portfolio
  • Identify market participants and track new players
  • Keep track of new developments in your technology area
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