Royalty Rates App Results Summary Update

ktMINE released the following updates on the Royalty Rate Application’s Results Summary for advanced filtering and navigating of agreement searching.

1. Improved processing and load times of Search Center filters

2. New sort functionality of results;

  1. Agreement ID Ascending
  2. Agreement ID Descending
  3. Effective Date Ascending
  4. Effective Date Descending
  5. Filing Date Ascending
  6. Filing Date Descending
Sort RR


3. Enhanced conditional narrowing filters of results with an exclude functionality.

Selecting “not” next to Narrow Filters, excludes from search results.

Exclude RR









3. Easier to navigate pages with redesign of navigation bar

navigation RR

4. Updated design and styling of Results Summary

ktMINE is continuously making small changes to enhance user experience. We welcome any suggestions and feedback for our on-staff developers and home grown technology. Reach us at our contact form or

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