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Product Updates: Search App & Profiles App

ktMINE’s in-house technology team continue to create new features and efficiencies for our users by improving applications’ usability. This round of enhancements link Patent Court Cases and Trademarks throughout the Profiles App and Search App. The connected data enables greater insight into IP portfolios and landscapes. The features were rolled out on June 20, 2017.

 Profiles Application

New Feature: Patent Court Cases

Review the litigation activity of a company with the addition of patent court cases to the Profiles App. Filter by filing date, closed date, plaintiffs, defendants, and judges to narrow in on cases.

Court Case Summary Profiles

For updates on the current status of the case, easily review the docket entries and associated patent publications. View the original complaint to quickly investigate motivations for the assertion.

New Feature: Company Location

In the Profiles App, company location has been added to the dashboard. The location displayed is the ultimate parent’s address. Easily identify the company’s country of origin with this new feature.


 Search Application

New Feature: Trademarks

Trademarks have been added to the Search App for insights into new products or services in a technology area or industry.

Advanced Search Modal

For specific trademark searching, use the new Advanced Search with trademark filters, including:

  • Current Owner
  • Last Assignor
  • Current Assignee
  • Filing Date
  • Registration Date

New Feature: Display Invention Title next to Family ID Group

When grouping patents by Family ID in the Search App, the invention title of the first US patent is displayed next to the Family ID group. The ability to quickly scan patent families helps guide research.


If you have product feedback or would like to see a new feature, contact us to let us know.

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