Instant Insights into Company Innovation

ktMINE has developed an app that provides instant insight to a company’s innovation movements. Innovation represents a company’s most valuable asset, yet management goes out of their way to hide innovation activities. While other data sources exist (Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, S&P), this is the first time an app has been created to answer the question: what is a company’s current capabilities, future capabilities, and innovation activities?

Fast & Easy Research for Data-Driven Content

With ktMINE, quickly uncover new insights, tell untold stories, and find new angles about companies that other journalists/publications may have missed. Access innovation & intangible asset data all in one place for fast and easy research. Coupled with the Alerts feature, stay on top of innovations in your beat with direct updates on companies, industries or technologies.


About ktMINE

ktMINE, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is an innovation and intangible assets information firm founded in 2008, focusing on finding, organizing and connecting the world’s ever-changing innovation and IP information.


Michael Taylor, Co-Founder & CEO
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The ‘Father’ of ktMINE technology, Mike custom-built the application infrastructure and data mining engine that powers all ktMINE products. As the leader of all technology and development initiatives, Mike oversees everything from back office integration to web application architecture and development.





Christopher Teglia, CPA,CMA, Chief Financial Officer

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As the Chief Financial Officer at ktMINE, Chris manages our general and administrative operations, advising on all strategic decisions, and helping build the infrastructure of the firm. An Aggressive and disciplined financial leader his experience ranges from mergers, acquisitions to business restructurings. Chris thrives in both turnaround and growth environments.

John Wiora, Chief Operating Officer

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As the Director of Operations at ktMINE, John ensures that the day-to-day operations and innovations best serve the needs of the market. Wiora leads the analyst team and investigates how intellectual property and licensing research can be improved to provide insightful trends around companies and industries. John has collaborated and conducted research for various industry articles.

Select Users

  • KPMG
  • IRS
  • National Science Foundation
  • Deloitte
  • Qualcomm
  • Clorox
  • General Electric
  • Ernst & Young
  • Northwestern University
  • Cornell Center for Technology
  • Berkeley Research Group
  • See More…


  • Government
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Law
  • University
  • Transactions
  • Consulting
  • Valuation
  • Transfer Pricing




Search + Alerts

ktMINE Search allows users to perform an all-in-one search of our data for industries, companies, or technologies. Search gives users the ability to find company, license agreement, patent, royalty rate, IP news, and patent assignment data. Our technologists and analysts have devised innovative ways to link data sets, revealing connections that were previously impossible to find. Alerts allow users a hands-off approach to stay on top of their industry and be updated on any changes to their search.



ktMINE Reports is a comprehensive look at a company’s entire intangible asset activity, including current and pending intangible asset portfolio, recent news, M&A rumors and deals, connections and licensing information. Our analysts pull data from our repositories and reveal unseen connections that help uncover or validate a company’s innovation strategy.



Royalty Rates App

RoyaltyRates-50pxktMINE Royalty Rates App provides an organized gateway to canvass the landscape of IP licensing payments and terms. Full licensing details are captured and complete agreements are viewable to enable thorough due diligence.


Agreements App

License-Agreements---50pxktMINE Agreements App provides nearly 100,000 full text IP licensing agreements, with agreements continually added. The app can be used to validate transactions by evaluating how companies structure documents.


Commercialization App

CommercializationWizard-50pxThe Commercialization App can increase the probability of successfully commercializing any given technology by providing instant access to market participants, royalty rates and deal structures for any technology.

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