IP Portfolios

With our unique technology and the world’s only linked intellectual property data sets, uncover IP portfolios like never before. With ktMINE, significantly accelerate research time and strengthen decision-making power. While many companies disclose their company performance within their financial disclosures, their most valuable assets do not get disclosed to their investors. With access to our IP Portfolios, users get the insights into the assets a company owns, who they are doing business with, and where they are focusing their budget for developing and acquiring technologies.

If you thought it was amazing getting access to a single organized data set, imagine searching your competitor or a possible partner, and instantly viewing their IP holdings and recent activity. View an inventory list of assets including agreements, patents, patent assignments, trademarks, trademark assignments, and M&A deals.

Common Uses

Transfer Pricing & BEPS

  • Understand the IP holdings of any company to identify potential “need word” (technology gaps, risks…)
  • Tracking the movement of IP within a company and to outside entities
  • Receive a list of all transactions whether patent sales or licenses with related or unrelated parties

IP Strategy, Valuation & Risk

  • Help identify innovation technology trends; understand technology lifecycle; resolve potential technology gaps
  • Review portfolio synergies and identify partners & merger candidates
  • Develop transaction landscapes: identify potential licensees, buyers or sellers of technology
  • Rationalize litigation targets

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