Intellectual Property Data Access

ktMINE provides the means for you to not only search across intellectual property data sets but also integrate that competitive intelligence data within your applications. Why do double the work? We’re happy to share.

ktMINE IP Data

Discover ktMINE data through our powerful online platform, giving you access to detailed searches within or across data sets.

  • Gain access to royalty rates, license agreements, M&A deals and rumors, patents, trademarks, and more data from one convenient location
  • Utilize our high powered search functionality to find the intellectual property and competitive intelligence data you need
  • View data summaries, as well as full text documents and document images

Research Services

ktMINE staffs talented analysts willing and able to provide research projects tailored to your needs. Don’t see a particular cut of data? Our analysts will find it for you and connect it to our existing repositories.

  • Work with ktMINE analysts to outline the scope of the project
  • Define the project timeline
  • Receive a detailed report including data and analytics

API or Data Feed

ktMINE API allows you to plug directly into our IP data sets, while ktMINE Data Feeds provide access to customized data sets throughout the year.

  • Build your own applications
  • Add ktMINE data to existing products or services