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ktMINE experts regularly contribute thought provoking articles and insightful opinions to publications across the globe. From analyzing royalty rates to assessing the true value of IP, ktMINE has articles for anyone interested in IP.

Technologies & companies that could help Flint?

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan is tragic. Reports that hope and clean water remain elusive. While intangible assets are not a topic that seems to fit with this story, it is precisely the time to research technologies and companies in the world who can help resolve this issue. We conducted less than 5 minutes… View Article

Is Innovation Dying or Merely More Efficient?

  Fortune magazine published a highly-read piece entitled, The Death of American Research and Development. The article discusses research that suggests lower corporate spending on research and development (R&D) has led to a lower innovation rate, thereby proposing there is an innovation problem in America. It would seem that additional research is necessary to determine… View Article

Intangibles, Market Data and the OECD’s Action 8 Guidance

Authored by David R. Jarczyk, he challenges the perception that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s work on base erosion and profit shifting represents a move away from the arm’s-length standard and a surrender to the notion that insufficient market data exists for conducting comparability analyses. In fact, he says, the OECD’s latest draft on the transfer pricing of intangibles,… View Article

Predicting Your Competitor’s Innovation Strategy

Authored by David R. Jarczyk, this article outlines the various IP types and connections competitive intelligence professionals can utlize to predict their competitor’s innovation strategy. Historically, understanding a competitor’s innovation strategy involved significant time spent researching patent portfolios. The resulting visualizations and graphs, although impressive, offered little useable information. Even if some light was shown on… View Article
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Drivers of IP value – the most active companies in intellectual property revisited

Authored by David R. Jarczyk, John Wiora and Danielle Lambert. Findings previously presented in issue 61 of IAM dispelled the myth that patent count is the only information needed for a strong and valuable IP portfolio. This year, an update of that research is taken further by providing examples of IP portfolio management and the gathering of competitive intelligence. Versions Published… View Article

OECD Action 8 and the Need for Market Data

Authored by David R. Jarczyk, this article discusses the September 2014 updates to the OECD Guidance on Transfer Aspects of Intangibles, specifically Action 8 under OECD BEPS plan and the need for market data beyond royalty rates.  Versions Published: October 7, 2014 TP Week, International Tax Review Read Full Article

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ktMINE data is often used to assist esteemed members of the community create compelling articles. This month, we are proud to have made it into two such articles: Big data solutions to determining IP risk and value By Nigel Swycher The significant increase in the volume and availability of data about intellectual property, combined with major advances in data science,… View Article

What’s Happening with IP in the Semiconductor Industry?

Authored by David R. Jarczyk, John Wiora, and Danielle Lambert, this article provides a summary of the study conducted on behalf of the LES Semiconductor Committee regarding industry trends. The study analyzed executed licensing deals as well as published patent information. Specific attention was paid to type of IP licensed, royalty/payment structures, exclusivity, territory, and sublicensing, as well as… View Article
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The OECD Discussion Draft on Intangibles and the Myth of Unavailable Comparables

Authored by David R. Jarczyk, and Jeffrey Cozzo, this article argues that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s revised discussion draft on intangibles lacks guidance on the available market evidence to answer the central question of an arm’s length analysis: How would independent parties act given the tested transactions’ facts and circumstances? Versions Published In: October,… View Article

Drivers of IP Value – The Most Active Companies in Intellectual Property

Authored by David R. Jarczyk, John Wiora and Danielle Lambert, this article discusses the driving factors of value creation for intellectual property. The article also provides a list of the top 50 most active companies in IP for the year 2012, including statistics on various companies’ IP activity. Versions Published In: August, 2013 Intellectual Asset Management Magazine Read Full Article