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ktMINE experts regularly contribute thought provoking articles and insightful opinions to publications across the globe. From analyzing royalty rates to assessing the true value of IP, ktMINE has articles for anyone interested in IP.

Replacing the 25% Rule: A Guide to Finding and Analyzing Royalty Rates

Authored by David R. Jarczyk, this article discusses present and potential ramifications of the Uniloc USA, Inc. v. Microsoft ruling globally and provides guidance for finding and analyzing fact-based evidence from third party license agreements to determine a reasonable royalty rate that can withstand scrutiny. Versions Published In: December, 2011 issue of the Licensing Executive Society International… View Article

Anatomy of An Intangibles License Agreement

Co-authored by David R. Jarczyk and Daniel T. Jarczyk, this article address the challenges analysts face when trying to locate key licensing terms from within intangibles licence agreements that vary in size, structure, and intricacy. David and Daniel leverage their insights from analyzing more than 40,000 intangibles license agreements to provide guidance that can help analysts more efficiently and… View Article

Innovation in Small Businesses: Drivers of Change and Value Use

Co-authored by C J Isom and David R. Jarczyk, This paper investigates various drivers of innovation within small businesses, as well as the role that innovation plays in creating value in small businesses.  The analysis suggests that additions in employee headcount increase innovation while growth in sales does not increase innovation.   The analysis also finds that… View Article
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