Examining the Future of Genetics Research

Why DNA Ancestry Testing Matters for You, Your Dog, and All Life on Earth Advances in DNA testing technology are driving discovery, innovation, and growth for businesses as well as academic and government institutions in genomics and related fields. Currently, researchers are planning the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP), with the objective of creating an “open

Digging into Uber’s Strategy Through Trademarks

Recently, blogs and online news sources have engaged in speculation over the future trajectory of Uber. Is it a ride-sharing company? A delivery service? A freight carrier? The media outlets once devoted to articles rehashing the latest scandal of former CEO Travis Kalanick are now placing bets on the likelihood that Uber is actually tomorrow’s

Exploring Intellectual Property at Apple: A Study of Strategy and Patterns

Whether companies use patent portfolios to encourage innovation or to stifle competition, protecting intellectual property (IP) is an important part of corporate strategy. As ktMINE has previously noted, companies rely on patent and trademark infringement litigation to prevent competitors from copying valuable designs and inventions. Apple, in one notable example, has been arguing in court