Work in the Time of COVID-19

To say the last few weeks have been an adjustment for the ktMINE team (both professionally and personally) would be an understatement. One minute it was business as usual, and what seemed like the next we all moved remote, scattered across the greater Chicago area. The best thing about being a part of such an

Force Majeure: Examining the Post COVID-19 Intercompany Agreement Reality

As COVID-19 continues to shift everyday life and the global economy, accounting professionals are looking for information to help guide their clients through these trying times. These organizations will lean on their in-house experience and should pay close attention to the lessons learned during the 2008 market crisis. Force Majeure is a clause included within

Investigate Who’s Participating in your Market to Strengthen your Strategy

This is the final installment in our series highlighting the different areas to investigate in an effort to strengthen your company’s IP research strategy. In parts one, two, three, and four we covered the importance of analyzing emerging technologies, transacted and licensed technologies as well as emerging brands. In this post, we discuss how analyzing

A Message from Michael Taylor, CEO

To our valued clients and community: There is nothing more important than the well being of our families. Right now, we all have the same concerns over the severity of COVID-19 and what it means for everyday life. Which is probably the hard part for everyone…and the unique challenge. How do we continue with everyday