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As ktMINE’s lead research analyst, Megan Rourke analyzes intellectual property and licensing data sets to uncover market trends and company innovations. Megan uses this knowledge to provide ktMINE users with actionable insights based on the most up-to-date intellectual property data. As she interacts with these data sets on a daily basis, she knows the in’s and out’s of all things licensing and IP related. Megan has been cited in Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) and co-authored a report distributed by AutoHarvest.

Did you say there was IP, under my Christmas Tree?

Americans spend around $53 million a year on holiday decor, and while the holiday’s don’t necessarily scream “innovation” there’s market share to be won where products can increase their longevity, safety, and, possibly most importantly, their “wow” factor. While some styles never change, the technology that comprises them is constantly evolving.   Patents in Holiday

U.S. Committee Denies Broadcom Acquisition of Qualcomm Patents

On Monday, President Trump announced that, upon recommendation from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), he would block any potential acquisition of Qualcomm by Broadcom on the grounds of national security. It further states: “The Purchaser and Qualcomm shall immediately and permanently abandon the proposed takeover. Immediately upon completion of all