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Based in Chicago, IL, ktMINE collects, organizes, and connects transactional and IP data to help you quickly and confidently perform research. ktMINE then take that data and turn it into real, actionable insights. Because ktMINE believes that there’s a big difference between data and intelligence.

Royalty Rates App Enhancements

The past several months, ktMINE’s Customer Success team has received several interesting project requests from our Royalty Rates App users. As a result, our market leads and technology gurus brainstormed and created several new search filters that streamline these workflows and allow our users to hone their search results further.

Exporting Analytics in ktMINE IP

In order to make the review of data simpler and faster, on Friday, July 13, users will be able to review analytics and graphs outside of the ktMINE IP platform. Several options for export are available including png, jpg, pdf and xlsx. Users simply need to click on the download icon and choose their preferred

Product Updates: Trademarks

Based on user feedback, our in-house technology department has implemented several new trademark focused features within the platform. These new features include: Licensed Trademarks New Trademark Filters, Groupings, and Narrowing Filters Updated Trademark Profiles In addition to these new features, you will notice several aesthetic updates to the platform. Our UX team has been hard