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Royalty Rate Resource Guide

Complete this form to receive the 2012 and 2013 Royalty Rate Resource Guides. A message with details regarding access to the documents will be sent to the email address specified below.

Providing much-needed transparency into global IP transactions, ktMINE’s Royalty Rate Resource Guide reveals royalty rate trends from select industries through 2012.  This guide helps level the playing field and fuel innovation for IP owners and stakeholders in industries, organizations and geographies that would not be able to compile meaningful market insights like these on their own.

The information contained within the Royalty Rate Resource Guides is not intended to replace thorough economic analysis, but rather is meant to serve as an aggregated, big-picture indication of trends within industries. 

The new level of clarity introduced by this guide provides a useful starting point for questioning the selection of royalty rates and ultimately driving greater value for, and from, IP.